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"Just a quick note to say that all of us were absolutely DELIGHTED with room 1807. The gals told me again and again how happy they were ..."
---Priscilla Sokolowski
"The trip to Cabo...what can I say but FABULOUS! From start to finish, my five-day trip was nothing but spectacular. Specifically to Vil..."
---Chris Kelly
"We had a FABULOUS trip, the condo was wonderful and the boys had a great time. We had the best Mexican food we have ever had at "The Of..."
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Travel Agents in Cabo San Lucas

The time zone in Cabo is Mountain Time.

Travel Documents

Passports are required for entry to Mexico and for US citizens returning to the states by plane, ship or land.  For specific information on these requirements and where to apply or renew a passport, please visit the US Department of State travel web site or call the US National Passport Information Center at 877-487-2778.

Getting to Your Destination

Many major airlines and charter services offer direct service to the San Jose del Cabo (SJD) International Airport, located 29 miles from Cabo San Lucas.  We do not handle air reservations but we are happy to provide information to find the best option for your flight.

Once on the ground, we can arrange ground transportation for your airport transfers as well as getting around while in Cabo.  Private car services, shuttles, car rentals and taxis are all available.  If you decide to rent a car, you can choose from any one of the major car rental agencies.  We recommend that you book in advance of arriving in Cabo for the best rates.  There is free parking at Villa La Estancia.  Contact us for more information on ground transportation.


The weather in Cabo is generally sunny and warm during the day year round.  August and September are the warmest months, averaging high 90F/low 75F and January and February are the coolest months, averaging high 78F/low 60F.  In the winter, a jacket or sweater is recommended during the evenings. Summers are warmer, but the humidity is generally low because Cabo has a desert climate, and rain is rare. The cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean tend to moderate the heat of the tropics. 


The Peso is the official currency of Mexico; however US Dollars are widely accepted.  Spending Pesos versus a foreign currency may result in a better exchange rate.  ATMs are readily accessible to include at Villa La Estancia.  Credit cards are generally accepted by restaurants and local vendors.

Medical Services

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo have good medical services and facilities.  Amerimed, located in downtown Cabo San Lucas, is the first American hospital in Mexico specializing in the care of international tourists. 

Crime and Safety

Is Mexico a safe vacation destination?  The answer is "Yes".  Cabo San Luca and the surrounding area is a friendly and safe destination.  Villa La Estancia and the neighboring resorts have 24 hour security.  Our advice to our guests is the same as always - do not leave valuables unattended, and be aware of your surroundings just as you would when traveling in any U.S. city or vacation destination. 

Local Customs

Some businesses and restaurants practice the Mexican tradition of "siesta" and may close from 1PM to 4PM.  Tipping restaurant and bar servers is typically 15% of the total bill.  The amount for bellmen, taxi drivers, housekeeping, etc. depends on the service but 10% is a good benchmark.  English is widely spoken but should not be assumed.  Knowing a few common phrases and greetings is helpful and appreciated.

Water - To Drink or Not To Drink

Sitting at the bottom of the Baja Peninsula, the fresh water in Los Cabos is some of the best in Baja. The local waters start thousands of feet above Los Cabos in the very tall mountains north of Cabo, drain down into local aquifers, and then are treated locally and then often treated again at the hotel or restaurant level as is the case at Villa La Estancia.  Bottled water is readily available so if you have any concerns or reservations about drinking the local water, request bottle water.


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